PapaBlues on the move
Tuesday, 27 October 2009 16:09

As of today, is on the move. But don't worry, nothing much has changed, but the servers aren't hosted in my flat anymore, rather, they are hosted with iPeer instead. This shouldn't make much difference to you, but for me, it makes life a fair bit easier!

The whole site has been moved, together with most of the other sites I manage. This was partly because I am moving house, and partly because I just wanted to get rid of the responsibility of running all these machines from my own flat!


Eslöv Blues festival - Day 2
Tuesday, 27 October 2009 15:45

The second day of the Blues festival in Eslöv turned out really good. Among the many bands, let me mention a few that caught my attention. To begin with, Big Bag of Blues was much better than expected, and a really nice country-blues trio. After these guys talented Gunhild Carling entered the stage, but although she is very talented, funny and good looking, I still do not think she fits a Blues festival that well, although it's an act worth seeing! Loisiana Red is always a treat, and he is such an original and true-to-the-blues man, but it seems that he is getting older (surprise!) and a bit disorganized. But original it sure is! Kellie Rucker with Pelle Lindberg band was great, I've managed no to see her before, but this was a great show, entertaining!

Finally, we had Sean Carney and Dr Feelgood. I have seen Sean before, but I think he has developed a lot since last time, so this was probably the best act today. Dr Feelgood is a fun rock n' roll, pub-rock kind of band, with a good show, great sound and some really good songs. But I do admit that I enjoy Dr Feelgood more with a glas of proper beer in my hand (beer quality as this festival sucks, it really does) and at a pub. This time, although I enjoyed myself, I left in the middle of the gig, but because they were bad, but because I have seen them so many times before, and there was no good beer around.


Eslöv Blues festival - Day 1
Saturday, 24 October 2009 11:06

The first day of the Bluesfestval in Eslöv is over, and it was a good day. Sky High did a good gig, Roffe Wikström was great and BC & the Heartkeys did a very good finish. The day started with Three Studs and a Stone, bút although the band was OK, the sound was not, and there was a bit of sound problems all day, but no big deal by the end of the day.

My usual issue with this festival, the lousy beer quality, persists, but it is nice to have a separate dining room, where you can sit down and have a proper meal.


Olympus - Great customer service, again
Friday, 23 October 2009 13:01

I have said it before, and I do it again: I'm so happy with Olympus, and not only the gear itself, but the service they give. Last time, it was my 35-100 that I had broken. Yes, it was me. I hadn't been treating it well, and it broke. Olympus replaced it, no questions asked, with a new one! This time, my battle tested E-3, out of any kiind of warranty, broke. The shutter went dead. Again, after me screwiing up, Olympus voulonteered to fix to. No cost and no questions asked! There is no chance I would go anywhere else for gear, no way! Olympus, you rock! Big time!!


Eslövs Bluesfestival coming up
Monday, 19 October 2009 21:00

Bluesfestival i Eslöv

By the end of this week, it's time for the last Blues festival this year, the festival in Eslöv, and they celebrate 10 years with the festival down there. Among the many great artists down there you find Roffe Wikström, Sky High, Marc Breitfelder and BC & the Heartkeys. The next festival after that will be in 2010, possibly the one in Karlskoga, but we'll see.

Also, there are a few music cruises remaining, the Blues cruise has already been, but I maybe be going to "Svenska Höjdare".

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