Blues festivals 2010
Sunday, 07 February 2010 12:05

We are getting closer to the Blues festivals now, and we have some lineups for the earlier festivals set now. The first blues festival in Tranås last year is coming back again, and this time for 2 days, which is nice. As for the largest blues festival in Sweden, Åmåls Blues Fest, disaster struck earlier this year, when the main event building burnt down. This doesn't stop Åmåls Blues Fest from happening, but there will be changes of course. Watch their homepage for most reace info.

In Mönsterås, the Roots and Blues festival is happening as usual the last weekend of May, which means the same weekend as the festival in Tranås, which is too bad. I'll be in Mönsterås, that's for sure, if for no other reason so because Voodoo Boogie is playing there! The location for this festival is changed now, and the new location for the main event is Hotell Kronmunken.



The Regent replaces Big Ben
Friday, 22 January 2010 12:05

The Regent Pub at Regeringsgatan 88 in Stockholm is now where many of the gigs that used to be at Big Ben will happen. Bernte Ridderström is booking the gigs at The Regent Pub now, as he used to do at Big Ben previously.

Big Ben will still have lve Music, but probably less that I will annonunce here, but who knows. What I DO know though is that the gig with TX Boogie at Big Ben on January 27 has been canceled. Which is too bad, I was looking forward to that!

And keep your eyes open at The Regent Pub, there are some good gigs coming up there!


Back on track
Friday, 15 January 2010 13:42

I'm now moved in and my environment for working with the site and photos is pretty much set up. There are still a few things remaining, but I plan to start publishing photos soon, and I will start with some from the very successful Blues event at Fasching on January 5, arranged by Stockholm Blues Society.

On the move
Saturday, 05 December 2009 12:13

The site is now moved, and I have moved too. This means things are in a bit of a mess, and not only that, there are tow of us to move in to the new flat. My computers that I use for photo processing isn't fully unpacked yet, and my work area is a real mess. But things are improving, and I will get going with publishing more photos from the Blues year 2009 real soon!

Do not steal!
Tuesday, 27 October 2009 16:14

I am not writing to those of you who just read papablues at times, to keep up with the calendar of bles events, view photos or whatever. Nor am I addressing those of you who use my images on your records, CD's, printed publications etc, and let me know beforehand and give me due credit for the photos!

Nor am I writing this to blow my own horn and to brag about what an excellent photographer. I am an OK photographer, and I I shoot a lot of blues and I also use good gear (paid for by myself, mind you), to get good shots.

And for those of who DO ask for permission to use my shots, that is more or less always given, and in addition, I'm glad to provide hi-res RAW or TIFF images. No, this is for those of you who do not follow these simple rules. Who just grab an image of my site and use it on your own site, in a written document or whatever. In some cases, when I ointed it out, it has mostly been a mistake. But I can't catch everyone.

Come on, guys and gals, be nice! I want a photo credit if you my shots! And you will get hi-res images, for free and even on a CD, in return. For those of you who cannot follow or understand this: Get lost!!



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