Norrtälje Bluesfest

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This nice festival in close proximity to Stockholm is not the biggest bluesevent in Sweden, far from it. But that does´t mean there is something wrong with it! Quite the opposite. The setting is really nice, probably the best blues festival location in Sweden. The music is pretty good, and so is the food as there is a full-blown restaurant inside the festival area, in addition to the usual festival grub.
As for music, this one-day festival usually has a a few very good international artists, in addition to the usual top notch swedish bands as well as a few local acts.
Although this is an outside festival, which means it depends heavily on nice weather, the choosen date (the last saturday in July) is known to have best chance of good weather in the area.

In essence, one of my favourite festivals, the only decent blues festival in reasonable proximity to Stockholm. The ability to take a bath at the site and to have a pick-nick adds to the attraction of this pleasant festival.

In 2009, Beer reating went to "excellent" thanx to the local Skebo microbrewery!