Mönsterås Bluesfestival

Kuggåsvägen 2
383 30 Mönsterås
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This used to be the largest in sweden, but currently it seems to be in decline. The setting has changed over the years, from Mönsterås itself, to Blomstermåla, and back to Mönsterås itself. The current location inside some kind of sports complex is not to my liking, the setting in the Mönsterås harbour and in Blomstermåla was much better if you ask me.
There is usually some really good acts here, in particular US acts, and from this point of view, this festival comes second only to Åmåls Bluesfestival.
One nice tradition at this festival is the Blues in the Streets of Mönsterås on the saturday, the festival in Åmål has this too, but in this particular point, Mönsterås clearly has the edge.
I have to say somethings about food and beer here. The food is just the worst part of this festival, big time! I think they try their best, but the result is a fair bit underwhelming. The food at the local hangouts in town are possibly even worse, with customer service clearly being something that is out of style around here. The owner of the local pizzaplace once, in public, gave me a big telling off as I had ordered the "wrong" kebab. Stay clear of this place, at all cost, it sux, bigtime!
On the other hand, the beer at the festival, despite the selection being very small, is actually of decent quality.

In summary, an OK festival, worth going to to see some unual and good US acts and the street blues on saturday.