Roots & Blues festival 2009

2009-05-22 - 2009-05-23
Kuggåsvägen 2
383 30 Mönsterås

Well, this year I only went to Mönsterås for the Roots and Blues festival on the Satirday. I got there in the afternoon, so I missed out on all the Scandinavian Blues Contest bands.

When I got the the main place for the festival, Bluespalatset, the arrangers were nice enough to let me in for free, thank you guys, it's appreciated!

The music was good, Mr Bo was good as usual, as were the other bands, with Jims Combo standing out, and Rita Engdalen being a bit disappointing. Two things that changed this year from last year was the food and the beer, and both to the worse I'm afraid. This festival has never had any good food, really, which is too bad. This year, the only thing was sausages and hambergers, that's it. Well Langos also, but no proper food at all. As for the beer, which was improved last year with both a light and a dark lager beer, was now back to a light lager only. And this light lager served in 40 cl plastic cups. For 50 SEK! Yikes. The last beer I had there (and I hope it really WILL be the last ever like this), I paid 50 SEK, and I got a plasic cup that had already poured in advance, so it wasn't even fresh. Even for a light lager, this was bloody awful.

But as I said, the most important aspect, the music, was good. No big international names though, but OK, that's fine, we have some good bands here too. Ben & Nate were international though, and really good. And once again, Jims Combo was exceptional, well worth the trip only that!