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If you want to contact me, for whatever reason, feel free to do so.

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Phone: +46 (0) 708 608121

Photos and copyright information

All images on this site are Copyright yours truly, and may not be copied or user without permission for whatever reason. That said, I'm a nice guy, and getting that permisson is easy:

1) Drop me an email and tell me you want to use it, and for what reason
2) Put photo courtesy PapaBlues (Anders Karlsson) on the reproduced photo.

In return for all this, you can, if you so wish, get a full resolution RAW version of the image. Yes, that is true, I use a semi-Pro camera and pretty good glass when I shoot, so the images you see on the site are MUCH smaller than what I have in store for you. Also, if you know digital photography, you know what it means when I tell you I shoot in RAW. And having said all this, know that I shoot with Olympus gear, so you need an Oly RAW converter if you want to use those full-res images. Alternatively, I can produce full-resolution, non-compressed TIFF's for you.