Eslöv Blues festival - Day 2
Tuesday, 27 October 2009 15:45

The second day of the Blues festival in Eslöv turned out really good. Among the many bands, let me mention a few that caught my attention. To begin with, Big Bag of Blues was much better than expected, and a really nice country-blues trio. After these guys talented Gunhild Carling entered the stage, but although she is very talented, funny and good looking, I still do not think she fits a Blues festival that well, although it's an act worth seeing! Loisiana Red is always a treat, and he is such an original and true-to-the-blues man, but it seems that he is getting older (surprise!) and a bit disorganized. But original it sure is! Kellie Rucker with Pelle Lindberg band was great, I've managed no to see her before, but this was a great show, entertaining!

Finally, we had Sean Carney and Dr Feelgood. I have seen Sean before, but I think he has developed a lot since last time, so this was probably the best act today. Dr Feelgood is a fun rock n' roll, pub-rock kind of band, with a good show, great sound and some really good songs. But I do admit that I enjoy Dr Feelgood more with a glas of proper beer in my hand (beer quality as this festival sucks, it really does) and at a pub. This time, although I enjoyed myself, I left in the middle of the gig, but because they were bad, but because I have seen them so many times before, and there was no good beer around.