Rebuild Tantogården!
Thursday, 19 March 2009 21:58

Tantogården, a kind of "Folkets Park" here on Södermalm in Stockholm was largely destroyed by a recent fire. That is not the only threat to this Garden of Eden in the Center of Stockholm, for the politicians the fire came at a good time, as they want to tear down Tantogården altogether, and has wanted to do so for quite a while, and build residential hoses there instead.

I will not bore you with the details, except this is terribly annoying, and it says a lot obout the state of mind of the people who rule this country and town, independent of political colour. Way back in the 1970's, the idiots that ruled stockholm wanted to tear up a large part of Kungsträdgården, a big park in the middle of Stockholm, just to build a subway station. This was stopped, to the outrage of the pompous jerks that ruled Stockholm at the time (to read more, google for "Almstriden").

Now, they are after us again, and again, we will not let it happen to us. The protesters way back in 1971 were accused of being violent and all sorts of things, but look at the video photage from the event, and you can see who was violent (Policemen on horses).

All this said, it is time for action again. Sign the petition against the building of houses where Tantogården used to be, and for the  rebuilding of Tantogården at "".

As for myself, I still wonder why the building of even more houses here in Stockholm always happens here on Södermalm and in Vasastan. The interesting thing is that most politicians doesn't live here, I guess we aren't good enough for them. All in all, here in Stockholm city center we have more then enough people and residential houses, we don't need more. And adding more by tearing down one of the few remaining green spots here on Södermalm is, to put it mildly, wrong (or idiotic, which is not surprising considering who wants this done).

 An outraged